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Low Carbon Living Display

Our Interactive Carbon Display service provides a unique tool for events organisers as well as public sector and non-governmental organisations seeking to engage communities in sustainability and healthy lifestyle related initiatives. It can be tailored to suit your needs. The basic elements of the service include:
- a mobile solar electricity power station and display (see below)
- a living locally quiz, adapted locally (where required) to engage people in local consultations and promotions e.g. new travel schemes, energy conservation, volunteering projects, healthy lifestyles etc
- video on reducing car use and the positive benefits of walking, cycling and catching the bus, plus a short presentation on the basics of climate change
As well as the items covered in the posts below:

How many watts of power can you generate

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Our interactive low energy living display includes the bicycle powered power generation game – participants see who can generate the most power in watts and then measure this up against the average power useage of various everyday household appliances. This is a very popular activity and a good way of involving people in wider discussions.

Solar Water Heating System Components Display


Whilst people are often interested in generating electricity from solar panels, we often find that hot water panels create just as much interest.  We’ve included a system mock-up using real components so that people can see what’s involved in this technology. A great one for DIY enthuisiasts. For more information on solar water heating, please click [...]

Cut your Carbon Display


We have produced a display that deals with the kinds of lifestyle issues that people need to think about when working out how hey can reduce their carbon footprint.  The display makes full use of examples and short case studies of the ways in which various people are addressing the issues in the context of [...]