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Energy Roadshow at Morrisons Sutton – Saturday 28th January 2017


We’re taking our Home Energy Road Show to Morrisons Supermarket in Sutton High Street on Saturday 28th January 11am-5pm to help you find out how to stay warm and save money at home.

We’ll have lots of practical ideas about how you can save money and save energy. So if you are keen to cut your energy bills pop along to the entrance area at Morrisons to find out how!

EcoLocal staff will show you how you can make savings with low cost measures that are easy to do yourself at home. Or if you are interested in taking things further, you can see how solar hot water panels work.

The Energy Road Show is supported by Sutton Council’s as part of One Planet Sutton.

How many watts of power can you generate

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Our interactive low energy living display includes the bicycle powered power generation game – participants see who can generate the most power in watts and then measure this up against the average power useage of various everyday household appliances. This is a very popular activity and a good way of involving people in wider discussions.

Community Engagement


We have a great deal of experience of working with local authorities and other organisations in facilitating community engagement in a wide variety of iniatives. All the techniques we use are proven to work well in ensuring participation and constructive dialogue. Please

for more information

Mobile Solar Power Generator

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Power for your event?  We aim to provide the highest quality service, reliability and performance with minimal impact on the environment.  Our approach minimizes harmful emissions produced by the events industry and offers a visible statement of ground breaking commitment to 21st century project delivery.  The Mobile Power Station can also be supplied with an interactive [...]

Events support

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Our mobile solar power system, sound system and interactive exhibition provide an ideal combination for all kinds of events.  

Energy talks for community groups


- Find out how to save money and energy at home
- Learn about home insulation
- Discover free and low cost measures you can take easily yourself

Our workshops
- are interactive and will generate plenty of discussion and ideas!
- last about an hour (can be shorter)
- usually take place at one of your regular meetings or you can organise a special meeting for your group

EcoLocal will provide a speaker and projector. You will need to provide the venue, tables, chairs and a screen or white wall to project on to.

The charge for the group is £45

To book a talk for your group,

for more information or call 020 8404 1522

Indoor events


 EcoLocal has lots of experience in organising indoor events in community settings.  We can design and facilitate consultation events, social gatherings, celebrations, planning and visioning activities.  Contact us to find out more.



We have over 20 years experience of working for statutory agencies and others to engage local communities and carry out research. For example:
- local consultations, identifying priorities & regeneration initiatives
- questionnaire design and testing
- community projects
- facilitation skills
- peer-to-peer communication
- events organisation and facilitation
- behaviour change programmes
- door to door consultation
- focus groups
- face to face surveys
- training
- interactive displays

Please follow the link under ‘Our other services’ on the menu bar to find out more or get in touch to discuss how we might help.

Solar Water Heating System Components Display


Whilst people are often interested in generating electricity from solar panels, we often find that hot water panels create just as much interest.  We’ve included a system mock-up using real components so that people can see what’s involved in this technology. A great one for DIY enthuisiasts. For more information on solar water heating, please click [...]

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

pam band

We can provide a PA system and sound engineer to look after your events’ entertainment needs.  The PA system provides 1600 watts of power, we supply microphones & stands, foldback on-stage monitoring for perfomers and digital effects and a small marquee / gazebo (not shown).  Our system is suitable for a variety of musical performances including [...]